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Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering & Restoration.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering

Take a look at our Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering service.

Premier Lampshades has just completed another victorian lamp shade recovering and restoration project, and would like to share our experience of how we achieved it with you.  We had this very old antique Victorian lampshade picked up from a lady in Surrey with our couriers, interlink express.  We offer this service where we send out a box to a customer, then when the customer has boxed their lamp shade, we ask them to phone us to let us know that it is ready for pick up.  We then send our couriers to pick it up and return it to us ready for restoring.  We are finding more and more these day`s that customers love this service due to the fact that they don`t have to do anything, like finding a big enough box and taking it to a couriers or post office to send to us.  They can just get on with their every day life.

Preparation Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering

You can see by the 1st picture that the lampshade was made in a holly green silk fabric on the main body part and had a satin gold crown top and bottom with holly green fringe and mixed holly and gold ruffle tassel’s, it reminded me of the lamp shades that you see on the TV programme Downton Abbey.  This lampshade was extremely well made on the outside and inside, you can tell by the picture they made things to last in the good old day`s, however our customer was changing her room decor and needed her lampshade made to match the colour scheme in her living room.  This is were Premier Lampshades come in with over 35 years  experience of Victorian lamp shade recovering and restoration.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 2.  This is showing the lamp shade being taken apart, being extremely careful not to rip the fabric on the main body of the lampshade.  We needed the fabric to be intact for templates to cut around the new fabric later in the restoration project.  You can see we also removed the fringe, tassel’s and braid without damaging it, the customer had asked for them to be returned.  It was rather tricky to do this because it was sewn to the main body of fabric and every stitch needed to be individually cut without damaging the fabric.  The crown is a little easier to remove than the fringing.  You just take the braiding off that hides the joint from the crown to the main body then just cut the remaining stitches that hold the two together.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 3.  You can see both the crown and the main frame totally stripped down.  This is were we use a binding tape like shown in the picture, to bind all the frame, getting it ready for the new covers.  This is a very tedious job and can take one or two hours to complete, i would rather let my wife do this while i get on with other lamp shade making.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 4.   The centre gimble fitting was discoloured and chipped, so we removed all of this down to the bare wire frame as shown in the picture, preparing it for a respray in a white enamel gloss paint.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 5.  Here you can see the centre fitting being re-sprayed to make it look brand new again.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 6.  I was waiting for a dry day to re-spray the frame so i could hang them outside to dry.  I should have known better, our typical British weather let me down, rain rain and more rain.  It did not stop raining for 4 consecutive days.  This is why you see them hanging up in our work shop.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 7.  Once we had cut out the new fabric panels and sewn them together, we fitted them on to the new looking frames, ready for bonding with our low odour cyanoacrylate super glue.  We always use a low odour super glue due to the huge amount of lamp shades we make at any one time, we don`t want to get addicted to the glue smells in our work shop.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 8.  Here you can see us cutting off the surplus natural cream fabric at the bottom of the lamp shade, then fitting the crown top back on to the shade.  We use a different method these day`s to put the crown back on to the lampshades.  We bond it to the frame with an hot melt glue gun.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering
Picture 9.  Take a look at the finished lamp shade in all its glory, here you can see all the beautiful trimmings and natural fabric`s that it took to re-make this fantastic looking Victorian lampshade.  If you ever watch Downton Abbey on ITV here you will see Victorian lampshades that are quite similar to this lamp shade, if you don`t watch Downton Abbey you are really missing out on a fantastic TV programme.  If you would like one of your Victorian lamp shade recovering or any lamp shade restoring please phone Ian or Gary on 01204 414366 or 01204 412062.  or please visit our website for more information.  We would love to hear any of your comments on this Victorian lamp shade recovering & restoration project at the bottom of this page.

Victorian Lamp Shade Recovering

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  1. What a simply divine lampshade, elegant and regal. Yet another triumph for Premier Lampshades. It truly displays their excellent skills, talent and depth of knowledge of their trade. What can I say but WELL DONE, from a very satisfied customer. 🙂 xx

    1. Hello Camilla.
      What can i say, what a lovely message, many thanks.

  2. I’m looking for a shade something those in the Downto Abbey tv series, it needs the be orintal in style covered in a rich red material. The tv series shades had the “look” , size would be 15-18 inches and square in plan sheep.
    Can you surggest a source for such a shade ?

  3. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for this post!

  4. Absolutely stunning!

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