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Recovering Drum Lampshades Made By Hand….

” Recovering drum lampshades by hand”.  Premier Lampshades ltd have just finished their latest project by recovering drum lampshades for the German heimtextil trade show.

Earlier this week we were sent some rather large plain black drum style lamp shades. 28 inches in diameter to be exact.  Our customer works for a local fabric company named Acquitaine from Stockport in Lancashire they specialise in printing their own fabrics and sent us some fabric in which they requested we recover the shades. The lampshades will then be taken all the way over to to the heimtextil trade show in Germany to help showcase fabrics which they sell all over the world.

Recovering drum lampshades

drum shade

The bespoke lampshades measured 28 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height, so quite large lamp shades and a bit bigger then our standard drum lamp shades.  After removing the original fabric and laminate the first step you need to do is to measure and cut out the amount of fire retardant laminate that is required for recovering drum lampshades. You can do this by measuring around the original shade with a tape measure or using a circumference calculation which is π x d ( π = 3.141; d = diameter of the lampshade). With this lampshade being 28 inches in diameter it gave us an exact circumference of 88 inches. However by adding an extra 2 inches to the length this leaves a sufficient overlap to piece the shade together therefore, this would leave you with a piece of laminate 90 inches in length and 12 inches in width.

The next step is to laminate the fabric to the fire retardant PVC. This is a two person job with such a large lamp shade, you will need one person pressing the fabric down and the other holding it up to ensure is doesn’t fall onto the rest of the laminate causing unwanted creases. (A nightmare to get out so be very careful at this stage.) When laminating the fabric you will need to ensure you have at least an inch over hang of fabric along each length to allow for the self adhesive tape to be added.

Once the fabric has been laminated, double sided self adhesive tape is added along the edges to allow the shade to be roll edged. This is around half an inch wide, so once done, the excess fabric can be trimmed away.

The laminated fabric is now ready to be put back on the lampshade frame. The frames consists of a top ring with a center fitting and a bottom ring which needed to be rolled at the edges onto the laminate. This again is a two person job to ensure the frame goes on correctly. Once the laminate is on the frames the last thing to do is to roll the fabric round the edge of the frame to get the roll edge affect.

Finished recovering drum lampshades

At Premier Lampshades we are making this style of lamp shade more and more these day`s, with customers wanting there lampshades perfectly matching there interior design or room decor.  Would you like us to be recovering drum lampshades for you, in your own wall paper or fabric.  If yes you can contact Premier Lampshades ltd by phoning one of our trained lamp shade makers on 01204 414366 or 01204 412062 or just click on our email address and send us a message  If you would like to leave a comment on our latest blog please do so at the bottom of this page, we always love listening to what you think of our work.

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2 thoughts on “Recovering Drum Lampshades Made By Hand….

  1. Just received three lamp shades that have been recoverd, they look excellent, exactly has ordered and all done within one week. Excellent service, well done. Keith

    1. Thank you Keith for the lovely message.
      Kind regards Ian.

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