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Lamp shades spider fittings And Fixtures

Spider Fitted to the Bulb Holder

A guide on how to fit and use lamp shades spider fittings by premier lighting and lampshades.

Lamp shades spider fittings are designed to hang a lamp shade from the ceiling,when the lamp shade has the large 11 cm duplex hole ring fitting.  You can see on the 4th picture one of our lampshade frames with the 11 cm duplex center fitting hanging from our lamp shades spider fitting on the ceiling.  On picture 1 you can see the lamp shades spider fitting without the reducer ring and on picture 2 it as the lamp shade reducer ring  clipped in to it.   All of our lamp shades spider fittings are made with the larger continental 45 mm hole and supplied to the customer with the reducer ring clipped in.  This reduces it down to the standard 29 mm UK bulb holder size.  The reason we have them made with the larger continental 45 mm hole fitting is so they can fit both sizes, lots of new build houses have the larger 45 mm bulb holders fitted from new.  Picture 3 is showing you how easy it is to fit a lamp shades spider fitting to your ceiling bulb holder.  Please don`t hesitate to contact Ian or Gary on 01204 414366 or 01204 412062 if you require any further information.  We also sell these lamp shades spider fittings and reducer rings in our on line shop  We would love to hear your comments on this blog.  Was it helpful in any way, if it was helpful please leave a message at the bottom of this page.

Metal Lamp shades spider fittings.

Spider Fitting Spider Fitting With Reducer Ring Fitted Spider Fitted to the Bulb Holder Shade Fitted To Ceiling with Spider

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2 thoughts on “Lamp shades spider fittings And Fixtures

  1. Am trying to use 2 lampshades to make hanging fixtures. The base of shade can be 11 inches across. I would like for the shade to be tapered. I have very little room, as the cabinet door opens close to the pendants I have now.

  2. Do these spider fittings for ceiling pendants also work for floor standard lamps? I have a light shade which only has a metal circle inside and am looking for an attachment to put on the lamp-pole on to which I fit the lightshade.

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