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Lamp Shade Reducer Ring For Continental Fittings

Premier Lampshades blog on a lamp shade reducer ring with a step by step guide on how to fit a lamp shade reducer ring.  Most of the new houses that are built today have the larger European 45 mm bulb holders fitted as standard.  So if you buy a light or lamp shade with the larger 45 mm hole fitting you will not need a lamp shade reducer ring if your house is a new build with these 45 mm bulb holders fitted.  However if you are like premier lampshades and own an old cottage that as the standard UK 29 mm bulb holders fitted and you buy a lamp shade or light with the large 45 mm fitting you will need to fit a lamp shade reducer ring.

Lamp Shade Reducer Ring.

What is a lamp shade reducer ring and what is it made of.  All our lamp shade reducer rings are made of an hardened plastic, which you simply clip the lamp shade reducer ring into a lamp shade fitting that has the 45 mmcontinental hole size.  This reduces the hole size down to the 29 mm normal UK bulb holder size, allowing the light or lampshade in question to be hung from the ceiling or to fit a table lamp that has the UK 29 mm bulb holder.   The image below is of one of our lamp shade reducer ring that we sell on our website the outer ring measures 45 mm and the inner is 29 mm in diameter.  Please see diagrams below.  If you would like any further information on this lamp shade reducer ring please phone Ian or Gary on 01204 414366 or 01204 412062.  Premier Lampshades would love to hear any of your comments on this lamp shade reducer blog.  Please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.

Lamp Shade Reducer Ring.



The picture below shows two continental lamp shade carrier fitting`s, the left picture is with the reducer ring clipped in to the fitting, reducing it down in size to 29mm and the picture on the right is without the reducer ring fitted and is 45mm in diameter.

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5 thoughts on “Lamp Shade Reducer Ring For Continental Fittings

  1. Hi, I have the opposite problem. I live in a new build house with the European standard fitting. Can’t find 45mm lampshades anywhere. All are too small or I just don’t like them. Do you know who stocks these? The bigger DIY and homeware shops haven’t seemed to even catch on to this yet. Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Iiris

    1. Try habitat as they do European sized fittings

  2. Hello Iris.

    All our lampshades have the 45mm fittings. Please give Ian a call on 01204 414366 or 01204 412062.

    Warm regards Ian.

  3. I have an antique lampshade stand which has a fitting that’s only 24mm and the lampshade we got recently has a reducer but 29mm is still too big.

    The stand might be missing the bit that you screw over the top to hold the shade in place – I can send a photo if you like if you send a message to my e-mail.

    I was wondering if there might be somewhere that would sell this bit to screw down around the light bulb fitting and hold the shade in place…?

  4. Hi I have a lamp shade that requires a 70 mmreducing ring but can’t find one do you have any .

    Many thanks

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